Neurosis has long been your constant problem? The eternal lack of time, the desire to get everything at once, but in fact only more confusing tangle of problems? It is necessary to read this article, to put everything in its place. I think it will help you.

The first tip

Sunday is not a reason to relax. Use the evening to plan the week. It is necessary to introduce a rule, after a Sunday lunch or dinner, plan your next week.

It does not take much of your time. It will be enough for 20-30 minutes, maybe less. Divide a sheet of paper into two columns or three.

In each case the corresponding record. For example, in one column, you need to do for the family.

In your other business tasks: phone calls, appointments, business. After that, you should consider what you will eat all week and think about the menu. It should be good to think about all the time and place can be considered that have done very important work.

second Council

The early bird catches - that God gives. If you are a family man or a mother of several children, should think about getting up earlier than the rest of the household. For half an hour or forty minutes before the others, you have to get up. This will quickly come to his senses and plan the day.

The third council

Daily schedule tasks. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. One will be called "Jobs" and the other "Life."

The first column should write different things to do at work. And it must be done by distributing them in order of importance.

From the most urgent to least important. The second column shall bear the burden, defined family. It is also worth thinking about the degree of importance of the various cases. Over time it will become a useful habit, and your job, as well as personal life will no longer interfere with each other. You will see the consistency and regularity.

Fourth Council

The correct allocation of time. And so, you have made a schedule of planned works, but still need to figure out whether you have enough for all this time. This also should be addressed right now.

The true distribution will allow you to objectively look at the picture of the upcoming cases and assess their own capabilities. This will give you confidence and objective assessment.

Let's say you have long understood that the "bird" and it works best in the morning. In this case, it is on this part of the day we should put all of the most important things to do, especially if they require mental work.

After that, should consider further action plan. You have worked effectively and somewhat tired. The following is to put things, requires less mental or physical effort. You can switch from the mental to the physical work.

Fifth Council

Do not let you use the time - do it yourself. There is a certain proportion of the fourth council. During the execution of different tasks, it is necessary to use a timer.

This will not only monitor the performance of the work, but also to be more concentrated on it. Also, you will not miss the break time, which is needed for rest or meals. Suppose your job too long.

It is worth to think about what kind of work can be divided into parts and to carry out in stages. We managed to do everything quickly and have time to spare? Perfectly! You can use it on food, not very important things, just walk or anything that comes to mind.

Sixth Council

Determine the time to work. If you do work at home, in this case, the Board will be invaluable.

Select yourself the amount of time that can devote only work, only family and only a variety of other matters. It is important to follow the plan. The time must be divided into equal parts, although this is not so important.

More importantly. If you are allocated a certain time on a specific case, we can not be distracted. Suppose before lunch you work with clients. In this case, the household chores should be postponed for a while. An interesting book or movie can wait until the appointed hour.

At first, the temptation will be much pressure on you, but get over it and over time will be surprised how the ordered life became. You can certainly put on a certain time the washing machine or dishwasher. Let them work on their own, and you will go about their business.

Seventh Council

If possible, shift some cases to someone else. Suppose you have too much to do. In this case, it is necessary to take a piece of paper and have a good think about what you spend the most time and effort.

It is important to find a way to avoid this waste. As far as possible, charge it to others. Of course, this time management does not fully covered in this article because of it written entire volumes of manuals.

However, you can just think about the relatively simple and routine things. Kids in school can bring in someone else, someone you can trust. If the constant house cleaning prevents cases should think about the housekeeper. If you approach the issue more widely, there is quite a wide field of activity. Think.

Eighth Council

Grouping orders of importance. You do not like surprises? Sometimes it happens that got to perform something important, but it is interrupted by something urgent and unexpected.

You have to run and execute it, forgetting about the first case, and then return to it, and to understand that the time has not. Do you want to get into this story? I think no. To avoid it, it is necessary to group assignment.

To plan their implementation. For example, this can be achieved by combining them whenever possible. For example, if you pick up your children from school, you can call the store on the way, if it is on the way. In addition, you can individually arrange a specific day or time of day in the week to perform the accumulated external affairs.

Of course, no one is safe from surprises. Often all is unsettling. Urgency unexpected cases can be maddening. Just remember that with these rules you can add to the chaos some order, and your job will be much more effective.