Any person by nature - the manager. And it is not a professional activity. All people manage their workflow. On how well they do it depends on their success yl failure.

Our personal micromanage none of us will. It is therefore necessary to organize their time properly.

In this article we look at some advice on how to use their time and as little as possible to waste it. All tips purely practical, proven repeatedly by different people. So, let's begin.

Planning of the working day

It sounds trite, and even corny, is not it? All are aware of this, but how many people follow this advice? Units. We are not talking about how to paint your entire day, every minute.

No, but it should at least make a to-do list, and place it in the priorities. It is best to break up all the tasks into three categories:

The most urgent and necessary to do. This includes all the vital problems that require immediate solutions, and urgent.
The works that it is desirable to perform. This category includes the tasks that can be done, if there will be free time, but you can postpone.
Things that can be done. This includes work that can be done at least one day - today, tomorrow, next month, does not matter. But. If you made more or less important things to do today - do not hesitate, what else to do. To address issues of this category.
It is very useful if in the preparation of the list the next day you're about to present, when it is necessary to do a particular job. And how much time it will take approximately.

Ideal if you make a list for the week ahead. Time will work for you, productivity will increase. This will occur due to the fact that you will always know what to do in the next moment, and will not be in useless thinking. Without a plan of such thoughts take up a lot of time.

As little as possible of meetings, discussions and meetings

An ancient Chinese proverb - "If you clean the orange - orange brush." The moral is simple - at a certain point in time can only do one thing.

This applies not only live communication - ICQ, forums, Skype, - these are real-time assassin, capable, moreover, to dissipate attention. Out here, only one - discipline. With regard to meetings and discussions - visit only those that you really need.

A program to communicate during working hours or use in the case, or turn off completely. In fact, after 10-15 minutes of dialogue on "ICQ" to return to work is not as easy as it seems. And it is bad when the person is trying to combine work and communication. Even when it comes to work. It is better to discuss it later, or use email.


It is not necessary every five or ten minutes to look in your mailbox, and certainly should not put your mail client, which notifies the owner of this incoming message. Almost enough to check several times a day - morning, afternoon, and evening. This is quite enough. Should I reply to emails at once?

It all depends on the letter. If an emergency - answer. If not - create the appropriate folder, and store emails to be answered. It can be easy to see at night, and to answer all emails.

Place your order at your workplace

This is an important moment. Most people jokes, saying that the usual "creative disorder" helps to work. And those same people are very irritated when they can not be found under a pile of papers pen or pencil. Incidentally, the order would be nice to put things in the office computer - that's where the endless possibilities for the mess!

Make it so that at the right moment you could easily find a specific document, even with the built-in operating system search.

Having multiple monitors

Or one large can significantly improve performance. Of course, provided a competent use. On this subject more than enough information on the web.

Keeping records

It is recommended to keep on your PC records of your activity - useful ideas, interesting ideas all want to record. For this purpose, there are a lot of specialized programs, including free.

In my head after all can not be stored.

Art begins

Yes, it is a kind of art. How often are tempted to postpone everything until better times, under any pretext? Yes, constantly. The solution is simple and banal - do. Slowly, with difficulty, but I do. In the process, you will gradually focus on, tune in, and it will go, the main thing - to start.