Among the many varieties of management there are several main categories - current, strategic, operational and organizational management. Let us examine them in detail.

Organizational Management includes processes such as the establishment of the company, its management structure, a variety of regulations, instructions, etc.

As a result - the company provides full functionality, provided the conditions for achieving the goals.

Strategic management is always the focus of the top management of the company. He was discharged important functions such as orientation of production to the needs of consumers, companies adaptation to the conditions of the external market, and to judge how well the policy of strategic management is conducted in a single enterprise, sometimes only a few years.

In the "competence" of strategic management is the formation of long-term goals, the definition of how to achieve them, providing further viability of the Company.

Current or tactical management. It operates at the level of middle management staff of the enterprise. It focuses on achieving short-term goals. Usually tactical management includes quarterly or annual time period.

Current flow management provides daily routine processes in the company - manufacturing, human resources, finance, etc. These include research and development, finance, human resources, manufacturing, and other matters which are of short duration.

Operational management of the organization operates and the implementation of plans and scheduling. Simply put, it comes down to making quick decisions that are necessary to correct a particular workflow. As well as the current management, operations focused on short-term goals.

All of the above types of management operate on objects such as marketing, sales, production, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, finance, ekkauting.

Marketing - Management is used in the process of market research management, the current situation, creation and management of distribution channels, the formation of pricing and promotional activities.

Production Management - is the management of all the processes that result in products produced by the company. In the field of procurement and sales management function is to monitor and control processes materials supplies, accessories, storage, delivery, and delivery of finished products to consumers.

Management of personnel issues is focused on the selection and evaluation of personnel, planning and human resources. He was also assigned the function of control over the professional training, professional development, evaluation of personnel work.

Financial management is directed to the control and management of all financial flows, financial relations, which arise in the normal course of business between the economic actors.

This process impacts the company's finances with the help of tools such as credit, scheduling, insurance billing system as well as the funds to achieve these goals.

Ekkauting - Management manages the collection, classification and analysis of the different data on the work of the enterprise. It also includes comparison of performance with other companies to identify all outstanding issues and the formation necessary for the company's reserves.