Super Productive people are no different from all the others. In addition, they value their time and know how to use it. Sometimes banal and simple things can help save a lot of resources and greatly improve efficiency. Travis Bredberri gathered for publication Inc 11 things that are productive people do not really like all the others.
When it comes to productivity, we are all faced with the same problem - in a day only 24 hours. However, sometimes it seems that some people have the time twice: they have a supernatural ability to keep up with everything. Even if they are several projects that they achieve their goals and avoid failures.
"Time - is the only capital that a man can have, and the only thing it can not afford to lose" - Thomas Edison.
We all want to get more out of life. There is hardly a more correct way to achieve this goal than to find a way to properly dispose of the allocated time. When you leave the office after a really productive day, it gives a very pleasant feeling. The so-called "working euphoria." With the right approach, you can achieve this state every day. You do not need to work longer, or actively encourage yourself. You just rabotatumnee.
Superproduktivnye people know it. They rely on khaki productivity, which makes them more effective at times. They squeeze every second of every hour, without wasting time on unnecessary. The nice thing about these hacks is that they are easy to use. So much so that you can start doing today. Read, use, and you will see how to increase your productivity.
1. Do not start things twice
Productive people never procrastinate because embarking on the task twice - it's a big waste of time. Do not delay letter or phone call. As soon as something gets your attention in a zone, or do it, or delegate, or delete.
2. Prepare for the next day before leaving office
Productive people every day finish preparing for the next. This practice solves two problems: it helps to structure what you have done today, and make sure your productivity tomorrow. It takes only a couple of minutes, but it's a great way to finish the day.
"Every minute spent on planning is hours of work" - Benjamin Franklin.
3. Eat a frog
"There is a frog" - the American idiom which means "to do something deeply unpleasant." "There is a frog" - the best cure for procrastination and superproduktivnye people start with this their each morning. In other words, they do the most unpleasant and uninteresting task before everyone else. Then they proceed to the things that really inspire them.
4. Resist the "tyranny of the urgent"
"The tyranny of the urgent" - this is when small tasks that you need to perform now, take time away from what is really important. This creates a big problem, because urgent action usually have a very small effect. If you succumb to "the tyranny of the urgent", may find that for days and sometimes for weeks doing an important task. Productive people are able to notice when "burning" things start to kill productivity and prefer to ignore or delegate.
5. Follow the schedule of meetings
Date - the greatest killer of time. Superproduktivnye people know that the meeting can last forever if you do not ask her strict watch box, so they from the beginning inform the participants about the schedule. The time limit prevents rasslabitya and makes all more efficient and concentrated.
6. Say "No"
"No" - is a powerful word that superproduktivnye people are not afraid to use. When to say 'no', they do not use phrases like "I do not think I can," "I'm not sure", and the like. When you say "no" to a new obligation, you show respect for the commitments already made and to successfully get them to comply. The study, which was conducted at the University of California San Francisco found that the harder you say "no", the greater the likelihood that you will experience stress, burnout at work and even depression. Learn how to use this word, and you will improve the mood, and productivity.
7. Check email only in specially allotted time
Superproduktivnye people do not allow e-mails constantly distract them. Not only did they check email only at certain times, they use features that allow you to sort letters to send. They set up a notification letter from the most important vendors or users, while the rest lay up to a point. Some people even put the answering machine, which is written when the next time they will check your mail.
8. Do not do multiple things at once
Superproduktivnye people know that multitasking - a killer productivity. Research conducted at Stanford confirmed that multitasking is less effective than working on one task at a time. The researchers found that people who are constantly bombarded with electronic information, not able to concentrate, process the data, or switch from one job to another as well as to perform one specific task.
But what if there are people with the innate ability to multitasking? Scientists at Stanford have compared a group of people based on their predisposition to multitasking and the belief that it is good for productivity. They found that hard multitaskery - who does a lot of things at once and feels that it improves their performance - were worse in this field than those who prefer to do one thing. Constant multitaskery showed the worst results, because they had problems with the organization of his own thoughts and filtering irrelevant information. They are slower to switch from one task to another. Oops.
Multitasking reduces your effectiveness, because your brain is able to focus on one thing at a time. When you're trying to do two things at once, the brain does not have enough power to do both jobs well.
9. dropped out of society
Do not be afraid to drop out of society, when you need to. Give one person you trust, phone number, so he called on it in case of emergency. Let it become your filter. Everything has to go through this man, and if it finds the matter of critical importance, let it wait. This strategy - a bulletproof way to complete high-priority projects.
"Some reach a weekly objectives for the year, while others - annual week" - Charles Richards.
10. Delegate
Superproduktivnye people accept the fact that they - not the only smart and talented people in the organization. They trust the people of their work, to concentrate on core activities.
11. Make technology work for you
Technology can have a devastating effect, but may also help to concentrate. Superproduktivnye people make technology work for you. In addition to the filter settings in the email, which sort and prioritize in the mail, they use applications like IFTTT, which set up the connection between other applications and notices about the really important things. So if your shares reached a peak or you will receive a letter from the best buyer - you will be informed. There is no need to constantly check and update the phone.