Marketing in Russia and abroad - are two different things or the same thing? As far as Russia lags behind the West in terms of marketing?

These and other questions of the portal TimesNet responsible experts in the field, Andrei Baranov, executive director and founder of the marketing group Newmann Bauer.

- Hello! Tell us briefly about yourself.

Childhood. Sometimes the fine when it continues. In some ways, all the men like children, I think. I was born in teaching family: grandmother - a teacher of Russian language teacher grandfather, mother a teacher, my father a musician.

And of course I also have left without music. Many tools to move to the time from the classical to the very nonclassical =)

Generally hobbies I have very much, sometimes the work is a hobby, sometimes a hobby hobbies are - a long time engaged in various ethnic cultures there and ethnic music craze.

Now that's a year has mastered the saxophone, on their own (poor neighbors ...). Apparently the family went from teaching the love of learning.

Therefore, a special love for the standard training - Institute exam, diploma, I have never experienced - sorry no time for those things that obviously I was a stranger to me much easier to read or learn something.

Business, which I do, it is dynamic and requires constant self-education, so that these skills are just come in handy. For sales and advertising, by the way, I just gravitated from childhood - from school, when it is not welcomed - and the last 18-20 years, in varying degrees of doing.

I have many friends all over the world meet, as a virtual and real. The European experience, it helps as European literature. But in any case, even the most advanced technologies and methods of organization in Russia require serious work on adaptation under our unique mentality.

But the Internet - business it is more productive because of the dynamic and more "transparent" competition. By the way, you are asked about the child.

- You are the author of books on marketing. Tell us about it.

Subject as set out in the book "The forecast return on investment in Internet Marketing" - a report on the results of this work, from which we can learn something useful for their business development.

Marketers and business people it can be very useful to build and hone the sales process and identify the efficiency of different advertising media on the Internet, the construction of electronic sales funnel and its difference from the traditional.

The story of its writing - very fun and lasted no more, no less - a whole year! The fact that the Internet is a very changeable thing, just do something - and it -bah and already out of date. And here also, God forbid, there was something new and came up with a new idea - that turned a year, although the amount is not so big.

But the big problem - the beginning. My next book devoted to online advertising, has a large-scale - more than 300 pages, and in December, has come into circulation. Recently I started the third book - it will be a fundamental work about the "online psychology".

- What kind of books do you advise novice marketers?

Well, first of all I would recommend the book Kotler, Keller, Aaker - they have a narrow focus of the works, for example, about personal branding, is a literature of a more fundamental, something like our classics - "Anna Karenina" and "The Brothers Karamazov."

This "Marketing Management", "Building strong brands." In addition, the books can not do, as they write, yet will be released until run out - will take at least 2-3 years, and in the marketing of the new century has come.

This region is like no other subject to lightning changes. To keep abreast of the latest trends, I advise necessarily read magazines - such as the «International Journal of Advertising», «Journal of Consumer Behavior», «Journal of Marketing Communications», of our - good at the publishing house "Grebennikov".

Just read all the translated literature should be taking into account peculiarities of Russian business mentality and, of course, and that this can bloat - the devil himself a leg break.

With regard to internet marketing, it is not strange - my book is the only one of its kind (for the moment) - the rest of the literature devoted to the process itself, but not the method of measuring its effectiveness.

To understand such a large toolbox of Internet advertising and its features is not so easy, but when it comes to the considerable advertising budgets, the error can be quite noticeable, and it is better to distribute the shore and focus their "combat capability" rather than immediately embarking swimming.

- We know that you are actively traveling. Which countries have you been recently and that you particularly remember?

Really liked Cambodia. To the surprise of the people there are extremely similar to Russian - mentality, but not skin color and growth, of course. This place - on the fan, and certainly not for those looking for a beach relaxation.

In the Russian republic of Tuva - the most beautiful place on earth, although very distant from the center and with its features are not always favorable, but that is its charm. Maybe just the appeal of culture and nature influenced my choice - my wife is also from Tuva, the house communicate in 2 languages - Russian and Tuvan.

- Tell me, who stood at the origins of Newmann Bauer.

I can only say that these people are alive and well and working to this day - someone in the company, someone in something else. All the rest - this is our common little secret.

I confine myself to the fact that Newmann Bauer - is a group of companies that are being extremely dynamic and is constantly increasing its capacity and capabilities, decided to join forces to provide customers with more quality while reducing costs.

- You provide a wide range of services. And there is a "favorite" services?

As they say in the business, the most favorite services - those that generate the most revenue. Working on the b2b market, we can say that these are the services that generate maximum revenue and to our customers.

To me, as executive director, it is very difficult to single out something one. It depends on the situation and the client. Customer satisfied, I think - oh, here it is a panacea! It takes time, something else has borne fruit, and fall in love with another service.

In general, I must say that there is no universal methods, all well together - in the West it is called integrated marketing approach - the client benefits from scale and a plurality of different activities and communications.

We constantly learn from the experience of foreign colleagues - especially closely now with the Germans and the Americans. Recently offered our customers a new service - NB Complex - a full service marketing and business customers online.

- What are the "global" differences of marketing in Russia and abroad (US and Europe)?

We are different from the West as for their way of life and mentality as well as the perception of the product - we are more sensitive to the goods, as if they say, buy them for a lifetime.

This has taught us the Soviet past, when there was money, but could not find anything. Now all in abundance, but a lot we can not afford or can - but only rarely. This is due to the fact that we and the West have formed in different economic conditions.

When I started to do business, no one in our country and had no idea what the marketing, even the words did not know this. This is nowhere taught. In this area all came, who somehow found its application in the university profession - had to work with former physicists and historians, and philologists.

In addition, our marketing suffers from the Russian mentality. On the one hand, Russian advertisers today have not yet thought of Western categories - they want more and cheaper, without realizing that marketing - it's a long process, and the quality of the investments depends on future profit margins.

Our compatriots want everything at once and be good if through connections or for free. On the other hand, we all used to do "at random" - basically, it's a dislike to the Russian figures and preliminary estimates and errors. In my business, I try to think not only the marketing category, but also national. That is why the approach Newmann Bauer marketing is just less than the German - agree that you understand what I mean.

- What in your opinion, Russia lags behind the West, if so, for what reasons and for what period of time?

According to our American colleagues and partners, we are lagging behind the US by 5-6 years in terms of development. The low level of citizens' trust in the Internet, the lack of culture of non-cash payment, a weak banking system, business fraud - all this hinders the development process.

- You have started a few days ago the project What it is? Why is it needed? How did you come up with the idea of creating?

This system is a mood Runet. We have created a vocabulary with which to assess the emotional component is blogging and news in our web.

Take the word "quagmire." If you look, there is nothing wrong with that, but in context it is, you see, creates a rather negative impression. In no other way than as "hands", such words can not tell.

This monumental work of programmers and linguists. However, I must confess, Publicrate is the just the beginning of future larger projects. While I will not reveal all the secrets. Wait and see.

- Your wishes and advice to readers and participants of the portal TimesNet.

All visitors to this wonderful project as «TimesNet», I wish always to go to his goal - to find the strength, time and desire. Do not stop halfway.

I always finish the book started to the end, even if I do not like, because I am sure that in our lives, we lose a lot of jumping to conclusions. Good luck in your endeavors and colleagues!